Sunday, 12 July 2009

PRSJ - Bulletin 1

Step 1 - Call a Meeting

Well folks, we are on our way! The Council of Presidents of the PRSJ will meet on July 22 to determine where we are as a society, the firm steps forward that we need to take and call for visionaries and willing hands to build.

There are many moot points for debate. Is Public Relations relevant in this economic climate where clients are focussing on targetted advertising? How do we create a peer network that is of value? How do we design an internationally recognised accreditation programme? Do we need to speak to NCTVET and CARIMAC? How do we share best practices?

(My oft repeated personal peeve is that our best practices should acknowledge that we are reaching out to a nation of non-readers and stamp out the lie that Jamaicans do not like to read. ) :-| See business section of Gleaner, July 12.)

Our former webmaster, has kindly created a demo site at where we can see the former PRSJ Website that was sponsored by Jamaica National. It is the diligent handiwork of past president Allison Christie Binger and past secretary Judith Wilson.

If your computer tells you that the website may be unsafe there is an override option that will take you to the site.

So this is where we are.

I have attached some online PR activity below for your enjoyment and reflection.



The Flu
The Ministry of Health has a H1N1 link on their site MOH H1N1

In a stroke of brillance a local journalist dubbed it "Faasbook". The newest PR craze in Jamaica has many online more than before. Nationwide News Network sends their friends the headlines before five o clock. JIS has at least three Facebook communities to post and discuss government programmes. The Quad nightclub lets you know about their philanthropic activities. How long will it last? When is it effective and when not?

Paper vs Online
Gleaner now offers supplements online. Is this more valuable than the paper version?

Who Benefits from the Brand Wars?

King of Pop Memorials
Reggae Sumfest 2009 dedicated to Michael Jackson