Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Power Of The Dream - Kingston 2010

I love sporting anthems. They are composed to inspire and uplift, and many times they do that job well. On one of my Youtube playlists is the Delhi Commonwealth song, Live, Arise, Ascend, Win; Raising Flag from the 2010 FIFA World Cup as well as the FIFA 2002 instrumental by Vangelis. Two Chinese compositions from the Beijing games are also my among my favourites.

Last week, Richelle Bellamy Pelicie delivered the 1996 Olympic anthem, Power of the Dream at an event in Kingston. A few minutes before she had beautifully rendered another song, so when I saw her returning to the podium I turned on my handheld recorder knowing that it would be a lovely experience. She became the medium through which that anthem reminded me about my great experiences here in Kingston, Jamaica in 2010, a challenging year for many of us in many ways.

Bellamy Pelicie's anthem, however, also came after a performance that I found hard to watch and afterwards applauded the dancers with respect. The Tivoli Gardens Dancers were given a space of river stone gravel on which to dance, and they did it. I have had a dance chief, justifiably, look at me in disgust when the sections of an assembled stage were not smoothly taped over. On another occasion, a different principal dancer was upset as the 20 minutes waiting time between warm-up and performance put his dancers' muscles at risk.  Quite reasonable annoyances for professionals, but I now reserve a special place of respect for girls who deliver a sound performance while dancing barefoot on gravelly river stones.

After that, the music of Bellamy Pelicie opened a stream of good reflections about the people of Kingston and Jamaica in 2010.