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Episode - Radio Silence - (4) High Wires

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Episode 4
High Wires

After watching their airplane disappear, Christopher Khouri and Avis Moore realise that they are trapped on Great Goat Island, but even more determined to stop atmospheric engineer, Reginald Bowers, from blocking satellite communication in Jamaica

“The plane is there. It is an illusion,” Christopher said looking at the space on the runway where the plane sat a few moments before. If we take down Reggie’s radio tower it should destroy the receiver and lock off the force he is using.”

“Listen,” Avis said. Barking dogs were in the distance. “We need to move fast.”
Christopher led the way to a dune and they climbed it to get a further view. The sand was warm, not yet scorched by the mid morning sun. At the summit, they could follow the steel guy wires holding the slender 500 foot tower under tension. The stay for each guy was shrouded by the thick vegetation. Christopher selected the guy that was nearest to them and he and Avis slid down the dune. Not stopping to knock sand properly out of their shoes, they found a clearing where a large concrete block was the stay holding the guy in place.
“We have to shoot out this guy. If it goes, it will break the tension and the antenna will fall,” he said.
Avis took her sidearm from her waist. “This is a 9mm but I only have six in the clip.”
“Hollow point?”
“I’m not a butcher Khouri! My sidearm is to stop an assailant, not carve him up.” she said.
With both hands on the grip, she placed the muzzle on the steel, gently squeezed the trigger and fired. The bullet barely notched the cable and the dogs in the distance became more agitated.
Reginald’s voice came to them again. Christopher saw the small camera and the speaker mounted in one of the stouter mangrove branches. “Leave that alone!”
The second shot hit the cable in the centre, slightly denting it.
“Aim for the edge; chip it off,” Christopher said.
The dogs were closer. Their barks were punctuated by the third, fourth and fifth bullets that left a slender strand of cable remaining. Christopher landed a strong kick on it. It snapped and somewhere in the distance, a few seconds later, the antenna, no longer supported by tension, collapsed softly on the tops of the thick vegetation.
“The sea,” he said, and they ran towards a glimmer of water. Breaking out of the undergrowth on to a slim beach, Avis squealed as sharp teeth sank into her left calf. Christopher grabbed a handful of sand and threw it in the guard dog’s face and repeated it for another canine near to him. Disarranged, the pack stopped as the affected dogs heaved and coughed. The pair kept moving. Christopher leaped into the water first and swallowed brine as his feet never touched bottom. The shore had a sharp fall off into deep water. He broke the surface, gasped and treaded water, relieved to see that Avis was doing the same.
By Gwyneth Harold

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