Saturday, 15 October 2011

Flamingoes Regain Front Enclosure at Hope Zoo

Flamingoes Regain Front Enclosure 

The Hope Zoo continues to improve. On October 8, the three flamingoes were seen in the renovated front enclosure. This was the original location of flamingos in the hope zoo. The birds seemed a lot more comfortable in the new surroundings where they are getting direct sunlight on their feathers, and where they can have a good splash in moving water. The enclosure is shared with a few other waterfowl and fish. The next moment of delight will be when the expected dozen flamingoes move in.

A chance encounter with Operations Manager, Mr Richards revealed that the enclosure next to the peccaries is being cleared for zebras. That will certainly be a favourite of visitors.

Another beautiful view at the zoo was the return of the plumage of the ostrich pair, especially the male. A pair of creamy Sulphur Crested Cockatoos is also in and sharing space with macaws.

We also noted that the Cuban spiny iguana is now back on display across from the peccaries. Tapping on the glass in the snake house is a thing of the past as railings to keep visitors further back have been installed.