Tuesday, 22 November 2011

White Tail Bucks now at Hope Zoo

We missed it!
On the last visit to the Hope Zoo we did not walk past the big cat enclosure as I assumed that they are still vacant, but they are not. Zoo Curator Orlando said that they now have two White Tail Deer bucks as permanent residents. I am so sorry that I missed them.

Visiting Suki
Back in the 1990s I went on two expeditions hoping to see these deer living in the wild in the parish of Portland where they breed as an introduced species....or to the farmers an invasive species. These two now in Hope Zoo, according to Orlando, were captured as fawns and are now three-year old bucks. They are too difficult to be kept as pets any longer, so have been turned over to the zoo. The only sighting of the deer on those expeditions was a dead one that had been shot by a hunter and the meat divided for those who felt for a taste of game.

On last Sunday's zoo visit we also looked in on the  friendly spider monkey, I think that they call her Suki, again. She will be a favourite when fully installed in her enclosure.

Cockatiels at Hope Zoo
On other matters, there were about two children's parties going  on in the gardens when we passed through. One had a Cinderella castle bounceabout. It is nice to see the place active with families. I hope that the Blue Tent musical event went well the day before. It would be a suitable venue for a lit fest.