Monday, 5 December 2011

Hope Zoo Entry Fees To Increase Dec 2011

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Hope Zoo Fees to Increase in December 2011

I did not hear it myself, but it was reported in the news that the entry fee for Hope Zoo goes up on December 7. I am glad that a friend got a chance to go before it is increased.

She reluctantly took her four-year daughter to Hope Zoo last month thinking that there were not enough spectacular animals to make it a worthwhile visit. When we spoke a week later, she could not stop talking about how much fun the visit was for them both.

Seeing the animals on exhibit filled her daughter with awe and wonder: The fear of the crocodiles; the beauty of the tropical birds; and the size and character of the ostrich pair made the most impact.

The beautiful setting of the grounds of course assisted the total package. Zoos are not all about big cats and big game.