Friday, 8 March 2013

Stories of love and hope in Jamaica coming

Three Jamaican Romance Novellas

Coming soon online -Honey and Lime three Jamaican stories of hope and love in modern Jamaica.

A Walk on the Beach
by Camille Taylor

Lena Trenchfield is a high achiever who is fiercely optimistic that life will go her way if she works hard. She stands ready to be wooed and  to claim true love, but the laws of romance follow no simple formula. Even when you think you’ve found Mr. Right, there is no guarantee of happily ever after.

X Beside the Heart
by P. Dawn Asquith

Lovely student-teacher, Grace Carr, never expected in her wildest dreams, that she could become romantically attached to an ambitious young politician. But, as luck would have it, a chance encounter with man-of-the-world Stephen Jefferson challenges her deeply religious values and threatens to tear her simple rural family apart.

An Off Key Love Song
by Gwyneth Harold

Married and unsatisfied in Europe, musician Regina Waltham, walks out on a stable relationship and into the comfort of the arms of a Jamaican stranger. Businessman Donovan Elliott satisfies her every pleasure and strokes her ego. It all goes well until their real worlds collide; and friendships and commitments are tested.