Monday, 11 March 2013

Visit to Hope Zoo on March 10, 2013

Visit to Hope Zoo on March 10, 2013

View of transformed entry area on leaving the zoo
More changes and improvements have happened at Hope Zoo since our last visit in December 2012.
Gone are the days when I could always find parking right up to the front gate, now visitors are directed to park beyond the shell bandstand and walk over. Not a far distance at all.

A beauty spot with palms and a fountain is now being built in front of the entrance building.

I was enchanted by the peacocks that are now roaming freely within the grounds. This development is a most welcome return to what had been a feature of the zoo over the decades.

Sukey at play

Most recently renovated water feature 
Another enclosure has been refurbished and features black swans and white swans.

A new beauty feature in the gazebos on the 'top side' of the zoo is a water feature and waterfall.

The zoo admits visitors up to 5:30PM. For more information on the zoo, visit this link of this blog.

Garden within a garden