Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Serialised Pre Release of Manuscript for a YA novel - Something Special

December 12, 2018

Serialised Pre Release of Manuscript for a YA novel - Something Special

For readers who enjoy contemporary YA romance mixed with a bit of intrigue and adventure, do check out the serialised pre release of my novel Something Special on my website this December.

It is set, as all my work, in the Caribbean and this time the city of Montego Bay as I remember it to be. A laid back but energetic and cosmopolitan city which is greatly influenced by the mountains and the sea that both border it and run through it.

It is a coming of age story of a character who is reacting to a familiar conservative Jamaican family lifestyle, some of which she questions without satisfying answers. Thrown into that is the boy meets girl meets boy hetero triangle and the issues that swirl around that.

Nearly sixteen years old, Cornelia Juvay has been sent to stay with a strict aunt as a form of correction for reckless disobedience. She is unrepentant and pursues the company of the attractive Jimmy Barnett, a young man with a ruthless reputation; but there is also Janvon Sewell, a boy who can lead her towards true maturity and salvation.

Jamaica, as is much of the world, a society in transition with regards to moral values, lifestyles, youth culture and the physical landscapes which are moving away from being dominated by nature to being dominated by the built environment. Cornelia's story is a way to step back and consider the integrity of each of these intangibles, and encourage us to hear what cannot be heard.

Following feedback the manuscript will undergo further editing in preparation for going to market.

Pre release - Something Special a YA Novel

I do hope that you find it worth your while to read and that you enjoy it.